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I have spent most of my life as a painter and photographer. During my youth I visited the great art museums around the world and became mesmerized by the works of the great portrait painters including John Singer Sargent, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Cassatt, Renoir, and Rossetti.

I strive to create art that first and foremost captures a human emotion that will become imprinted on the mind of the viewer, whether it's happiness, surprise, reflection, sorrow, or disgust.

I believe eyes are the windows to our soul and my pictures are designed to focus attention there. A raised eyebrow or a sideways look can convey what a hundred words cannot.

I carefully design each portrait to both be beautiful and to manifest a human mood in vibrant colors that will connect to the senses and capture an appealing human dimension for all time.






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Steve Mayberry      8:55 PM Mon 4/6/2015

I think you are the best portrait photographer in Oklahoma.

Les Lunsford      8:56 PM Tue 3/31/2015

Brilliant! !!

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